K Chan

Ello! I’m K Chan, managing director, project manager, and front-end developer of the web design and development agency Grayscale in Hong Kong. You can find me by email or @thekchan_.

The back story

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. Very early in my childhood, I know I’m not someone who enjoy the traditional paper-pushing nine to five: I need something interesting, challenging, yet not too specialised that it’d take me years to study and practice — web design and development kind of hit that sweet spot.

Even though these were not formal disciplines taught at schools back in the days, I dabbled with them in my spare time. I studied the “normal curriculum” hard enough to get into university, where I was trained as a translator. Once graduated, I pivoted and was hired as a front-end developer at Grayscale.

One day, the chance to buy the company off its original owner presented itself. I took a leap of faith, convinced two other colleagues to take over the firm and kept it running. Fast-forwarded to 2020, a lot of things have happened in Hong Kong and COVID completely changed the world. We decided it’s time, so they headed off onto their next adventure and I remained the guard of the sanctuary.